Thursday, 20 December 2007

Zen: moody

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day.
Or maybe, please don't come ever again :P

Had been raining for the past week.. made me so moody cos mummy had cut down on my walks. MY WALKS! can you imagine how boring it could be?

Last week we followed mummy & daddy went to Yishun Dam to meet Jamie and his human parents. Mummy had to donate all of our Azmira kibbles away, after she found out that Patches had crystals in her pee. And Jamie's daddy is helping my mummy to send the Azmira kibbles to ALL at Pasir Ris. I'd reckon there must have been at least 7kg of Azmira kibbles left..

But now we're getting lesser kibbles for our meals, cos mummy had ordered Aunty Woofy's wholesome HCF for us =)) So we had kibbles for breakfast, and HCF for dinner. Mummy had bought Nature's Variety Prairie - New Zealand Venison Meal & Millet Medley.

Only one word to describe : yummylicious!

Even Patches agree with me too. NV kibbles are smaller in size, as compared to those of Azmira's. But Patches are starting to chew on NV kibbles instead, cos they're so yummy they shouldn't head straight to the tummy without a good chewing to savour the taste first :P