Friday, 30 May 2008

Zen: no more smelly BO

It's been almost a month after we had switched to Dr. B's RAW diet.. Mummy commented that I don't have smelly body odour le =)

Mummy had increased our food intake quantity. Now both of us share a patty per day as compared to the 3/4 patty per day previously. Mummy had also just placed new order with Uncle Alfred of Barf Singapore as our supply is now running low. She had ordered for 2 packs of the Lamb recipe.. I can't wait to taste it soon =)

Few days ago Mummy had forgotten to thaw one patty for us and only left with a half of the thawed patty in the fridge, so she decided that I should be taking the RAW food while she put Patches on dry kibbles for that day. On the very next morning, Daddy complained to Mummy saying that Patches' stool is very smelly and quite soft while mine are firm and practically odourless. Mummy is indeed very pleased with Dr. B's diet.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Patches: Happy Barkday to Me

Hi all.. Today is my 2nd Barkday =)

Mummy bought me a schmall schmall honeydew sponge cake.

wow.. what's that 'thing'? So bright..

I better lie down and pose 'mei mei' for mummy to take pictures =)

Candle blown out by mummy le..

Smells so yummy.. can I eat yet?

*chomp* *chomp* *chomp*

mmmm.. yummy yummy.. *chomp* *chomp* *chomp*

No more le..

Thanks mummy for the nice cake =) I love mummy lots.

*lick* *lick*

Monday, 5 May 2008

Zen: Dr. B's new improved diet!

Hey peeps!

Sorry about mummy's ranting.. obviously her mood isn't good at all last night.. buy hey, here's more to share about Dr. B's RAW diet.

Some of mummy's friends had voiced out that they're abit concerned on the RAW diet as they could see the veggie bits (esp the carrots) was not grinded fine enough and too big a piece for us doggies to be digested properly.. Good new for y'all!!

so bloody.. so yummy..

This is the thawed version of Dr. B's new packaging RAW diet. They have improved alot. Look at how fine the things are blended. No more visible big chunks of carrots that you peeps are worried about! This is 1 meal for me.. hiak hiak hiak.. For comparison, look at the picture below.

One quarter from the patty equals to one meal for me

Both are kangaroo meat.. and yet they looked so different.. Are you guys convinced yet? Now we only poo poo once a day.

Zen: mummy is angry

This post is by Mummy Natalie..

If you've read on Zen's earlier post about their grooming at Bark & Bubbles on Friday the 2nd of May, well, I got more things to bitch about now.

Nevermind about the drying part where my Patches was not dried properly..

What pissed me off right now is that she became badly matted shortly after! Look at this picture below:

Just after grooming

I was being kind enough not to bitch about the stains still on Patches' face area after the grooming. Those stains are not permanent as I could easily wash them away during Patches' weekly bathing time. I had already de-matted her once on Saturday morning.. took me a good 30 minutes to do so where normally I would only take a short 10 - 15 minutes for her daily brushing.

Just now when I was running my fingers through her coat, it all got tangled again! And worst is that she smells awful like she hadn't bathed in 2 weeks -________-"

De-matt = 1 hour
Bathe = 45 minutes
Blow-dry = 1 hr 30 minutes

Total time wasted = 3hr 15 minutes!!!

And they charged me $5 extra cos Patches' fur is long.. seriously now I don't understand what's the $5 is paid for, since they didn't even do a good job in at least trying to comb her nicely or dry her completely. and I am paying $30 for the so-called basic grooming which does not include shaping of paws area & shaving of butt.

This is Patches 15 minutes ago; after de-matting, bathing and blow-drying by yours truly.

no more stains!

I'd like to re-rate Bark & Bubbles grooming service: 2/10

oh, and FYI, in case you didn't know, I brought my own ear cleaner and conditioner cos the girls' ears are super sensitive. The conditioner I use is Aloveen Oatmeal Conditioner, which I find is the most suitable for Patches' coat. To think that they as groomers can't even groom a dog properly. heh.

my Z & P will never step into B & B again! EVER!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Zen: Dr. B's RAW Diet

*sniff* *sniff*

Mummy came home smelling 'exotic' today. I tried poking my nose into her bag; and that 'exotic' thing in it is cooooooooooold *shivers* *sniff* *sniff*

When she took them out from the bag, it looked like this:

Dr. B's RAW Kangaroo Diet - new packaging

And after that, we became like this:
P: hiak hiak hiak.. more goody foodie for us
Z: we gotta wait till evening for our dinner.. *yawnzz*

Today is the second day mummy had been feeding us on Dr. B's RAW diet. Mummy is quite pleased with it as we're adapting well to it and no soft stools from us. What's more happy is that mummy didn't find any undigested food from our poo poo (apart from those rubbish that we picked up during our walks *blushes*).

Well, P puked some yellow thingy in the kitchen yesterday evening.. mummy thought P must have been too hungry, but me thinks P picked up something from dunno-where-else and swallowed it; and then she puked it all out again under mummy's bed. It was only later on that mummy found out that P had puked under her bed. Those yucky things she puked out were unrecognizable. We confirm it has nothing to do with Dr. B's food =)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Zen: new look.. new food

Hey all..

Mummy brought me and Patches to Bark & Bubbles for grooming yesterday. Full grooming for me and basic grooming for P. So sad that Auntie Constance, Auntie Aiting, Bree & Chocolate is no longer there =(

Overall. mummy would rate them at 5 out of 10. Here are the reasons:
1. Groomer 1 who handled me, actually took off my Coach collar and tried on her own dog without consent / permission from mummy.
2. They took P and placed her in the cage even when they're not ready to groom her. They shouldn't have asked to take her away when they're not ready. Mummy was sitting there all these while.
3. Groomer 2 placed Patches back into the cage after she was done. Mummy immediately asked for Patches to be handed over.
4. Patches was not dried completely; and their basic grooming package sucks big time. It did not include shaping & rounding of paw areas, and shaving of butt area. Still got some tangles here and there too. Result was Patches looked as if she was not groomed at all.

looking gloomy and tired after grooming session

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, mummy later on brought us to an unfamiliar place and there we met Uncle Alfred. Me loves Uncle Alfred muchie muchie (mummy: *snickers* you love everybody). He smells of yummy goody foodie. Patches was a bit wary of him though.. Typical reaction for P when first time meeting strangers.

Uncle Alfred is actually from BARF Singapore. He has got this big kick-ass fridge where he stores all his yummy goody foodie inside. Ooooh I can't wait to taste them! After some chit-chatting between mummy & Uncle Alfred, we found out that mummy actually wanted to let us try this BARF diet from Dr. Billinghurst. But she wasn't very sure if we would like it. Heck, mummy, of course we would! There isn't any food that we wouldn't take =P

So being the nice fella that he already is, Uncle Alfred gave mummy a patty to bring home for us to try. YIPPEEEE!!~ Mummy is actually quite confident that we would eat them, but she wants to let us try and monitor if we would have diarrhea or any other food allergies.

Yummy-licious looking half-a-pound of goody meaty lamb *slurps*

And so this morning we finally had our first taste of Dr. B's BARF diet. I had a quarter from the patty, while P only had half of the amount I ate. Poor poor thing, P. Who asked you to be so small sized? =P We gobbled down everything in less than 5 seconds. Mummy was amazed. I overheard her telling Daddy that she is going to order these for us for long term. YAY!~ No more boring hard little kibbles.

Oh yeah, almost forgotten to tell y'all that I am officially "diagnosed" with being allergic to fish =( Auntie B had passed a small pack of Orijen Kibbles (Fish Flavour) for me to try. She said it's good stuff; but well, after finishing the all 400gsm of the fish kibbles split in 5 meals and a few days later, me popped some itchy itchy bumps! So after the grooming session yesterday, mummy saw that i had lots of dried bumps on my back. She said it's not due to the current chicken kibbles that she's been feeding us, cos these bumps are all dried up and flakey..

I hope Dr. B's BARF diet would do me good! No more itchy itchy bumps please! I looked so unglam when I scratch here & there everytime. More updates later, ya!