Monday, 19 October 2009

Nat: baby has arrived!

hello all!

the stork had came by on the 8th Oct, and delivered me my baby Megan :)

Here's a picture of her to share..


she weighs 3.34kg at birth. the doggies have been really sweet and understanding since Megan's arrival. they are very curious about this new addition in our family, and would always wanted to sniff her out especially after Megan had poo-ed! they get very anxious when Megan cries..

one thing I am very glad of is that Megan isn't the least terrified of the dogs' barking at all. she didn't jerk one bit when the dogs bark at our visitors. I guess she must have gotten used to their barking sounds when she was still in my tummy :)

okays, off to feed the doggies now, take care guys!