Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Zen: *wiggles wiggles*


I am back! Thanks to all friends that were concerned about my health, I am now well and alive! :) Mumy suspected I might just have caught the flu bug or something, but I regained my health the very next day and was back to my usual self again. Patches had been so sweet, she slept and snuggled close to me that whole night when I was sick :) Gotta say I do love her some times when she wasn't her usual bossy self..

Mummy's stomach had been growing like it's nobody's business. She even eat and sleep like a pig! I really felt cheated of my walkies now as mummy doesn't feel like walking me for longer distance.. Well.. can't blame her too much as she said she getting tired really easily. I'll just have to make do with whatever I was given, and mummy seems real pleased with me. She gives me more pats and belly rubs now when I behave myself better :)

Off to take my nap soon, catch up with you all again next time!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Nat: my Zen is sick..

Totally freaked me out last night when Zen wouldn't respond to me, even when I tempt her with food. She appeared to be lethargic, abit shaky and stoned.. I couldn't sleep well whole night, worrying about her as I don't know what went wrong. Baby girl refused to even put her head down to rest until very late at night.. Even then, I would still wake up every now and then to check on her and make sure that she isn't in pain or anything. I would have rushed her to the vet first thing this morning if her conditions didn't improve, but luckily it did. Zen appeared much more responsive than last night, and she showed interest in food when comes feeding time. Am going home straight after work to monitor her again.. Pray that she is well!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Zen: we're not missing, just busy

Hi all!

Sorry we had not been able to update our bloggie for quite some time.. Mummy had been busy these days with all those meet ups with friends and families, and also our maternal grandpawrents were in town visiting last week! I love my maternal grandpapa very much cos he knows how to massage me just at the correct places. I wished they could've stayed longer but they went back to their home sweet home after only a short 3 days stay :(

Mummy was also super excited that her pawrents came visiting as she hadn't had the chance to go home to visit them since January this year.. They even brought alot of goodies for mummy, knowing that mummy misses home very much. How sweet of them :)

We hope to have more time to update this blog soon, mummy has been feeling so lethargic lately that all she wants to do is laze in bed and rest. She told us that we'd be expecting a new sibling pretty soon, I wonder how my new sibling looks like..