Sunday, 29 June 2008

Patches: my new found friend

Mummy brought us To Earth Cafe last night. It was actually to celebrate barkday for Auntie A's 3 CHH. We had yummy-licious foodies all thanks to Auntie A. Then mummy Also brought home Auntie A's Shih Tzu named Dino. He is as pweety as me =)

Dino with my toy toy

Don't we look alike? =)

Dino has got big round pwetty eyes. Bigger than mine. And he is oh-so-sweet that I couldn't growl at him at all.

Sharing a seat with Dino

Patches and Dino =)

Dino will be staying with us for the next few days, until Auntie A had finished her exams.

the 'showdog' me

See how my fur had grown? =) Lots of aunties said I am very pweety and sweet. But sometimes I just wished they hadn't touched me cos I don't like strangers with sudden movements. Aunties, uncles, kokors and jiejies out there : the next time you see me, please do let me sniff you first before you touch me. I promise I will be a good girl if you do. =)

Friday, 27 June 2008

Patches: *woof* *woof*

Hi all..

Mummy bathed me again last night, after giving me a good long walk and a good meal. This time round she make sure that I am matt-free before stepping out of the house; and matt-free before stepping into the shower. She also used 2 shampoos and 2 conditoners on me. After that she blowdry me with the hairdryer. Now I looked like this:

*attempts to give a shy smile*

I looked so pretty now okay! White white and fluffy fluffy =) Thanks mummy for going to great lengths to ensure that I looked my best. I wuff you =) *licks all over mummy*

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Nat: Review on Root's shampoo

As promised earlier in this post, I'm gonna review about the shampoo. But before that, I have finally made up my mind to add myself as an author in this blog and to keep my other blog solely for my own. Matters pertaining to my girls will be posted here. As not to confuse you all, will be adding our names in front of each title.

Okay. So here goes the review. I tried the Roots whitening shampoo on Patches last Sunday. It's quite watery, lathered really well, and easy to rinse off. I don't know what's the craze about the thick shampoo, but I do prefer the more watery ones as I find that those thick ones are very hard to lather up and very hard to rinse off completely. Then I tried the conditioner on Patches. For some reasons it didn't went on as well as I had expected it to, and I hate massaging thick conditioners into Patches' skin cos it'll be very very hard to wash off later. Yesh, I am lazy. I dilute the conditioner a little, and the application was easier. Left it in her coat for about 10 minutes. Then rinse her squeaky clean and ran a chamois over her to soak up the water trapped in her coat.

Then came the blow-drying part. I didn't know what went wrong, but this is the first time Patches gotten so many matts on her! *pulls own hair* I did brushed her thoroughly before I brought her for bath, and did not find any bad matts on her. Now it's everywhere! How come the groomer Serene can do such a good job on her, using the same shampoo and conditioner, how come I can't? I felt like crying while I blowdry her. She seems moody too, as I was taking too long to dry and dematt her. It did cross my mind that if I should have just shave her down and save the trouble of the long daily grooming, but part of my heart actually aches.

I know can't be lazy if I want to grow her for long, but what actually went wrong? I spent 2 days dematting her; it was heart-wrenching to see her face looked so gloomy while I dematt. I'm going to try the same shampoo and conditioenr on her again this coming weekend. If it still matts that bad, I swear will send her for grooming to shave away the matts. *sigh*

Monday, 23 June 2008

Zen: Yogurt went to Auntie B's

The day came when Auntie B came over to take Yogurt home. It was last Saturday morning, when mummy woke us up to snap some pics. She was mumbling to Yogurt, telling him to be a good boy when he goes home. Well I don't really like puppes that much, so I am glad that Yogurt is not in our house with us. He kept disturbing me that I had to growl at him to ask him to stay away.

Hope Yogurt would be happy at his perm home. Mummy is just his temporary mummy for 3 days while Auntie B prepares her house for him.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Zen: Yogurt is nice or not?

Go over to Mummy's blog to view the post =) if you've got no access, please do MSN her. Otherwise, drop us a comment; we will let you in =P

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Zen: puppy in the house!

Yesterday evening mummy rushed home to bring us out for vet visit with Dr Hsu of The Animal Clinic at Katong. Dr Hsu drew some blood from one of P's front leg (mummy said it's for the heartworm test). Poor little P whined her head off! Lucky the test came back negative; means P is free from heartworm and mummy can put her on heartworm prevention. Then Dr Hsu proceed to check on P's hind legs and said that she is in good shape eventhough her hinds are taller. Patches weights 3kg to-date.

Then it was my turn for checkup. Dr Hsu touched my hind legs too, as mummy was a little over concerned about it. She claims that my hinds are a lil shaky and bended. Mummy brought me to the back lane for a short walk to demonstrate to Dr Hsu on the way I walk. He assured mummy that my hind legs are fine. *phew!* And I weight about 8kg to-date =)

Oh, oh, mummy brought home a puppy! Check him out:

Guess the breed =)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Zen: big mistake!

Mummy & Auntie B brought us on a loooooong looooong car ride yesterday.. We went to fetch Auntie B & Paw at Marine Terrace, then went to Pasir Ris Farmway 1, then to WCDR. Mummy got lost on the way to WCDR >.<: Mummy introduced me to Tristan the 3 months old Border Collie. Boy was he huge for a 3mths old pup! He is as big as Paw, and so so so cute. But nah, I'm a big girl. I don't like 'schmall schmall' puppies. Paw & I ran around as usual, and showed everybody the way we play; =) Tristan left shortly after that.

Then mummy gotten this treat-ball from someone (cus Auntie B forgotten to bring ours), and decided to stuff some dehydrated pig's heart into it to get me to fetch it. BIG MISTAKE!!!! My treat ball gotten snatched away by a big doggie while I wasn't looking. The big doggie tried to bite Paw when he was just passing by; I guess she must've thought Paw had wanted to snatched the ball away from her. Everybody panicked and went beserk; and then Mummy got some scoldings from Auntie B..

Another auntie came by and asked Mummy if I am pregnant. PREGNANT?! ME?! I used to be fatty fat fat, but now I am fitty fit fit.. I am no where closed to being labeled as FAT, and now I am pregnant?! Auntie B and Mummy was like.. "duh!~"

Do I look pregnant to you?

We left WCDR at about 630pm, and headed to Loving Pets to drop off Patches for her bathing time (Mummy's too lazy to bathe & blow-dry her). Oh, before I forget, mummy commented that Patches doesn't matt as easily since the full grooming session last week. She also told Auntie B that now she enjoys giving Patches the daily combing cus she doesn't need to spend another hour trying to dematt her anymore. Auntie Serene, the groomer at Loving Pets, told mummy that she had been using the Roots Holistic Shampoo & Conditioner on Patches. Here's a picture of it:

Natural Herbal White Shampoo & Herbal Conditioner

If you noticed the price tag on the shampoo, yep you've read it correctly; it's only $15!! That's about half of what mummy had been paying for a bottle of 400ml Spa Lavish shampoo. Well, she have not tried her hands on using this shampoo yet, but seeing is believing as per the results shown on Patches now. Her fluffy fur is now so soft and ..err.. fluffy. Mummy's going to bathe Patches herself using this shampoo & conditioner on this coming weekend. Well, I do hope that it will work well on Patches.. Else mummy would be yelling at me everytime I play too rough with Patches cus she claimed that I made Patches' fur matted =(

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Zen: Please help locate Nena!

Dear all,

Mummy came across this post in the forum she frequents; and had asked me to help spread the words. There is this German Shepherd by the name of Nena and she is lost. Nenais 9 years old, with microchip, and was lost on 11 june ( wednesday). If you have seen her, please contact her owner Winnie at 9838-3775. Oh, btw, Nena stays at Hougang area. Below is a picture of her:

Friday, 13 June 2008

Patches: little little me!

Mummy found some puppy pics of me from my ex-mummy's photobucket album. She can't stop looking at them!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Zen: ugly ugly me!

Today is already the 4th day since I got myself misfigured at WCDR.. And the patch is still not growing fur! *wails*

Monday, 9 June 2008

Zen: WCDR 08-06-2008

Yesterday daddy & mummy brought us to West Coast Dog Run. Haven't been there for the longest time! I bet it was Patches' first time there, yea Patches? =) We had so muchie muchie fun. Here are some pictures as proof:

yours truly; resting nearby mummy dearest

Patches dearest =) we have a love-hate relationship at home

Here you go.. smell my butt! Take that!

bite you! bite you! bite bite bite!

ouch! got attacked! must. try. hard. to. fight. back.

here's to teach ya a lesson! don't mess with little missy me *bites*

hey there buddy.. let's take a time-out. hehehe

Mummy was telling me there is this uncle at the dogrun who owns 2 Dalmatians ( one of which looks like a batman, hehehe), and he didn't pick up poops left by his dogs! Shame on you, uncle! Here's one picture of the uncle with his 2 Dalmatians. You peeps must recognise his face okie?

must shoo them away! shoo shoo shoo!

I also somehow somewhat got ran over by a big doggie. It wasn't really anybody's fault, but I was merely being the friendly me by going over to said Hi, and then this big doggie suddenly got shocked or something and ran all over me. I whined and whined so loud the whole dog run people were looking at me. I ran back to my mummy and shivered so badly. Mummy and Aunty B were so worried that I got bitten; they touched me everywhereto check if I was fine but everywhere they touched seems to be painful =( I can't stop whining until some 5 minutes later. It was a horrific experience for me. I don't ever want to play or go near big dog ever again!

We then left WCDR at about 6. Mummy & Aunty B brought us to Loving Pets at Upp East Coast Road for our bathing. Patches will get her full grooming too. Daddy return to fetch us later on. When at home, mummy snap some more pics of us.

see the 2 bald spots? that's where I got stepped on =(

Pretty Patches look more neater and rounder after her full groom =)

So sweet, eh? =)

me resting on my bed bed

Patches resting with me =)

Then this morning, both of us refused to wake up.. Mummy's alarm clock had went off, but I was too tired to wake up to paw mummy. So ended up mummy slept for another hour.

still lazing and snoozing in bed at 8am

upclose picture of Patches snoozing.. hehehe

Thank you Aunty Serene of Loving Pets for bathing us and grooming Patches into such a sweet little lady!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Zen: Dr. B's Canine Recipe - Lamb Flavour

Our new flavour finally came le =) Many thanks to Uncle Alfred for making the delivery. I can already smell the lamb.. Mummy said we have to finish off 2 more kangaroo patties before we could taste these lamb patties.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!! *droooooooooools*