Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Nat: Karaoke session & swimming at ECP

Over the weekend, brought the girls out for some fun.

Friday night, went for karaoke session at KBOX Ang Mo Kio with Patches tagged along :P I don't suppose they allow pets, but she was well hidden in my huge sling bag. See the 'sian' look on her face after 3hours of non-stop singing from us humans.

Saturday morning, brought the girls to ECP for a swim. Yoyo hurt his hind legs so we had to cut the session short. No pictures to share, as B didn't send me any from her DSLR..

Only realised i got this bad bad bruises on my right thigh.

I think I must have been scratched by one of the dogs during the swimming session =( Looks like a victim of abuse, eh? =P

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Zen: soft stools

We've been having soft stools since Sunday =( It was quite bad.. especially when Patches' poo poo has got those jelly-like thingy and is smelly. We have not had smelly poo poo since we were on BARF.

Mummy had decided to fast us yesterday morning.. When she return home, she cooked chicken porridge for us.

It was yummy, and mummy seldom cooks for us.. We showed our gratitude by licking our bowls squeaky clean after our meals. Mummy was happy. She continued to feed us on raw chicken this morning, and will monitor again..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Nat: feeding raw

I think many have been commenting on how good the girls look now; how glossy their coats are, how soft it is, no more strong offensive BO and how darker Patches' browns had became. These I think are the benefits from feeding raw to them. I started them on Dr. B's patties, which was easy and convenient to feed. Now I'm trying to switch them to raw meaty bones; meaning that I actually went marketing for meats like an 'auntie' *blushes* *no offense, people.. *

I am most proud of how many people have benefited from feeding their dogs raw by reading this blog.. A big thank you to you all for trusting and believing in what I had penned (or typed, forthat matter) here, and actually went to try out Dr. B's patties. Another big thank you to Alfred for bringing in the yummies for the furbies! To C and A, you know who you are, I hope your furbies are better now =)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Patches: Splurge on meeeeeeee

Recently mummy had bought some stuff for me =) First off, she bought this CCS Ice on Ice Leave-in Detangler.

Auntie A had passed to Mummy about half a bottle of this Ice on Ice to try on me.. Well, she tried and she liked it a lot. We couldn't find the concentrated type, so Mummy bought the diluted one. After using this on my coat, daily brushing is so much more enjoyable for me =)

Next up, Mummy bought a Spa Lavish Cologne to try out on us. It was an impulsive purchase as we do not need cologne, but it actually turned out to be a great product for my coat! After spraying on this product, my coat felt so much more softer and looked shinier =) Mummy was at first wondering, how come my coat suddenly turned so soft and shiny.. then she realised it was this cologne that does the trick. Even Daddy's friend, Auntie E, also commented that my fur looked so nice. Mummy is very happy with this cologne =)

Then last night, Mummy went to APC at Toa Payoh to hunt for a proper pin brush for me. She couldn't find a CCS pin brush, so she got the next best thing: the #1 All Systems pin brush.

I love this brush very much because it glides on easily through my fluffy coat and does not make me pain pain. Cheers to Mummy for splurging on the good items for me =)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Nat: play time!

Sharing a video of Zen playing with Dino =)