Thursday, 30 August 2007

Zen: bad day


This morning mummy brought me downstairs for my potty break. After I've sniffed enough and found my spot, I peed on the grassy area.

As soon as I've finished peeing, I overheard an old lady screaming & shouting to mummy from far. Apparently the old lady thought I had poop there, and mummy did not picked up after me. Mummy replied to her that I did not poop, and there was nothing to be picked up. Old lady continued to scream & shout at mummy.

Me no like old angry lady scold mummy so me started to growl & bark at her. Mummy just pulled me away, knowing that she will not listen to her.

Mummy told me that there is no point arguing with the old lady, cos we speak in different language and mummy couldn't understand Hokkien.

There is also a possibility that the old lady have no idea that I squat down to pee. Most of them thought that lift leg=pee, squat down/bend over=poop.

I am a lady, naturally I will squat down too pee. Cannot blame me, right? Poor mummy got scolding so early in the morning =(

Monday, 27 August 2007

Zen: many me

Hey all! Thanks Sundae, Fei and Sweety for the comments =) I have added you all to my list of fwens.

I've had lotsa fun over the weekend during the BBQ. Met a lots of new friends too. And boy, did I ran all over the place and terrorize everybody as much as I could! Too bad my mummy did not bring her camera along to take some nice pics of me & my new friends.. she had actually took out the camera and placed it on the table =( Let just hope that she would make up by feeding me more treats =P


Lately mummy had been telling everybody that I am too white black to take any nice photos =( that's not true at all.. Lemme show you some pics of meself :

1. The Greedy Me

2. The 'Elegant' Me

3. The 'I-Wanna-Go-Out' Me

4. The 'Act-Cute' Me

5. The Silly Me

See? I am not that black, right? Mummy is just too lazy to take pics of me. Aunties and jie-jies out there, please ask my mummy to be more hardworking. Pweety pweety pwease?? *blink* *blink*

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Zen: When I am good

mummy took a short video of me this morning..

Did you hear that? Mummy repeat herself a few times before I actually listens. Sometimes I have selective hearing :P

Anyway.. I overheard mummy telling daddy that we're gonna join some friends for BBQ tonight. So I'm pretty excited now =) Must behave like a good girl, else mummy will threaten not to bring me along.


Thursday, 23 August 2007

Zen: ...finally!

Hi all! My name is Zen. As you can see, I am white.. okay okay, not exactly white, but I do have white skin beneath that thick layers of black black fur! I love to eat, and play with my toys. My mummy says I am a rough girl, but all I did was jump and lay my paws on those humans that I like! Sometimes they will just scream & run like they've seen ghost =(

Aaaaaaaanyway, this is my first time using the computer.. Hope I can update more about myself. That's all for today, my paws are getting tired from typing. See you around!