Friday, 30 January 2009

Patches: I wanna go too

Please bring me along!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Zen: cook or no cook

The answer is No.

No cooking of our food. Cos we eat raw. Some days ago, Boo Boo was cooking for his small village. That inspired me to do something similar to my tiny little village at my home too. I made mummy do the same for us, minus the steaming / cooking.

We had minced beef, mixed with one whole raw egg and sprinkled with extra finely pounded eggshell.

what's inside this cute smiley bowl?

our minced beef + whole raw egg + pounded eggshell!

We totally went crazy over it. Need some proof, you say? (remember to turn on the volume!)

Signing off with patches biting on the spoon..

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Zen: carbon-copy

oh yoooohoooooooooooo~

Pardon me for my lack of posts. Mummy and patches had been hogging the lappie for so long that I lost count.. or had I been sleeping for too long..? hmm.. NEVER MIND!

Anyone remembered this post about spotting the difference? One of it is not me..

presenting.... Scruffy!

The story goes like this:

One fine day, a lady came by our blog and noticed that I looked very much like her pet dog named Scruffy. In her mind she was already thinking, "Why this person kept posting pictures of my dog on her blog..?" Than as she read further, she discovered that I'm not Scruffy. She was so excited that she actually dropped me a few messages on my CBox, asking my mummy to contact her by email os they could exchange more photos.

And so Scruffy's mummy sent my mummy some very nice photos of Scruffy. My mummy was equally as excited when she saw those pics, especially when she learnt that Scruffy is in agility and obedience. She had wanted to enrol me in agility all along, but due to my weak hind legs she had to forgo her wish. And knowing that there's a Zen look-alike out there doing agility, a large part of her wish had actually came true..

It's not every day that you'll get to see another dog that look like me.. PArtially because I am a cross breed and you know crosses can come out a thousands type :) so do you guys think we look alike? no?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Patches: Thanks for..

..all the well wishes! I have recovered from my diarrhea spells :) I feel so much better now that my stomach doesn't churn anymore, and mummy had resumed my 2-meals a day regime rather than fasting me.

Recently I overheard mummy telling daddy that she can't understand why I don't seems to be putting on any significant weight even when she fed me 2x my usual portions during meal time.. and Zen seems to be putting on weight ever so easily! Well, mummy, I think you shouldn't be complaining cos I know many girls would die to be like me! Imagine eating alot and not gaining those unwanted pounds (and FATS).. Who wouldn't be jealous, huh? To top it off, I have a face thats too cute to be true too!

And you know why Zen gains weight so easily?

That's right. Follow the direction that I'm looking.

She sleeps like a dead pig!

Never mind that dead pig.. Mummy bought some new stuff for us again. Pictured here is a Chitocure Revita-Coat Serum for my bootiful long tresses, a Doggyman nail clipper, a Chris Christensen Buttercomb, and lastly a goodie bag from Loving Pets.. Inside the goodie bag has a can of Nutripe, a treat, and tagged to the bag there is a lottery ticket.

Mummy only bought one bag as she had never tried feeding us Nutripe before and was unsure if we would take it. But the goodie bag is a good buy, priced at only SGD5!

Off to a fruitful Chinese New Year. Huat arh!~

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Nat: Spot the difference!

Apart from the fur length, of course.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Patches: ooopsie..

I had been sick for the past few days.. One day I had bad tummy ache that I wasn't behaving like my usual self (or so, mummy says). I didn't go all crazy when it was feeding time; I'd just lie down flat on the floor and whined away. When mummy cradled me, I'd whine too cos my tummy kept churning and churning.. Next thing I know, I passed out soft watery stools resembles that of diarrhea. Mummy was pretty upset that she had to wash my butt butt again and again, but I can feel that mummy was more upset when she see my face like this..

Oh how do I wish I'd recover soon..

Monday, 12 January 2009

Nat: Patches went Sushi Tei

This was dated waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Nov 2007 when I first adopted Patches. Brought her out with me as I wasn't sure if she would fight with Zen when I'm not at home. She stayed in the carrier for a few hours and didn't utter a single sound!

Little baby sat in her carrier placed on the floor under our table..

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Nat: courtesy of Men@Work

Realised I have alot of pictures I never posted..

these are some from the clubpet photo contest that we participated in many many months ago.. Patches looked like a puppy, but she was almost 2 years old at that point of time.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Nat: Re-naming Luna / Introducing Essential Oil

Five days have passed since Luna (now renamed Nadia) gone to her new home.

I wonder if she is happy there.

Many thoughts run through my head as is type this.

Is she enjoying her life now?

Is she obedient?

Does her new mama and papa love her?

Will she remember me?

Gawd, I miss her so much. I didn't know I would love her this much despite the short 2 weeks time she spent with me. Looking forward to see her again soon, when her new parents settles for a date for meet-up.

Every time I miss her now, I will hug my 2 others. Zen seems especially sticky and manja these days, now that Luna (Nadia) is gone. Patches had gone back to her usual self of bossing around Zen.

On another note, I finally got down to introducing essential oil into our lives. Had actually been using Citronella and Eucalyptus for the girls as part of preventive for ticks and fleas. I add these into their shampoo, and occasionally drip one or two drop (of either Citronella or Eucalyptus) on their scuff area. So far none of them ever had tick infestation, as compared to previously when they were on Frontline they still get some ticks every now and then.

Now I have added some more varieties like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Orange (Bitter) into our home; not to apply on the girls but added to a burner. I sleep better these days, and the girls they love linger in the room when I am burning any one type of the oil. I also had mixed a concoction for massage; using Grapeseed Oil as carrier, adding Ylang Ylang & Lavender in it - approximately about 10 drops of essential oils to 10ml of carrier oil. I tried massaging some on the girls to relax them, they loved it! Perhaps it's the massage motion and not the oil, they refused to budge after the massage session hahahas..