Monday, 19 November 2007

Zen: Saturday @ U Petgamart

Hi all!

We went to U Petgamart last Saturday, 17-Nov-2007, to celebrate barkday for all November furbies. And I was one of them =) Mummy brought us there at around 3 in the afternoon, and we were the first to arrive.

And so, after a few rounds of run, mummy decided to throw me into the pool.

see me swim

someone called my name?

and then, it was Patches' turn. She was too afraid to swim, and ended up paddling like a mad chicken at the brink of the pool. Here's Patches after the 'swim':

Big head Patches

Wet Patches

Dry Patches

And then there was this gorgeous Husky who kept loitering around & hanging out at our table.

Gorgeous, ain't he?

Me with the gorgeous boy

We waited for very very long, but all those that came and went off weren't those that we were expecting to see =(

where's korkor? =(

Uncle Terrence took some more pics of all of us later that night, but he was too busy to post them up. Will post them up here when I can lay my paws on them =)

That night, mummy checked my paws and found that they were all redden and sore. So she applied painful ointment on my paws and made me wear baby bootees to sleep =(


so artistic, eh?

sleepy liao...

and dozing off to ZzZZzzzZZz-land

Here's Patches sleeping on the stool.

High 5?

How about another one?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Zen: *sobs*

I got attacked by Patches just now. *sobz* I am so sorry if I had offended you, Patches. I only wanted to play...

Bite me pain pain =(

And mummy & daddy was furious over what had happened. Patches was confined in our computer room for 2 hours, now she is back in our room.

I am scared =( *sobz*

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Patches: Happy Birthday, Zen

I wish my Zen jiejie a very happy birthday =) And hope that she will bully me less :P

Loving you,

Zen: Happy Birthday to me =)

Hey all, it's my 2nd birthday today =) mummy woke up exceptionally early today. Not like herself at all, cos usually she would laze in bed for another 15 to 45 minutes after her alarm goes off at 6 in the morning. But today she woke up on the dot. And gave me a nice long walk =)

We had our usual kibbles for breakfast. After that mummy and daddy went off for work. And at night, we had these for dinner:

Patches had meat with a quarter of an apple, while I had extra chicken drumstick meat in my bowl. Although it was a simple meal, I am contented =)

I hope Paw korkor is celebrating his birthday with Auntie B too. I can't wait for Saturday to come. I wish our birthday cake would be as delicious as the one we had last year =) Goodnight, paw-friends.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Patches: I am Patches

Hey ya all, this is Patches. Zen had granted me approval to paw in her blog =)

Mummy is sick today, so I shall go accompany her and not paw so many things here now.

See you all around!


Sunday, 11 November 2007

Zen: Food! Food!

Today mummy woke up late... end up we had to endure hunger till 11+. To make up for it, she actually prepared beef and egg meal for us =) We had it slightly cooked as mummy was afraid of those bloody meat. But it was just as delicious nonetheless. All mummy did was dice the meat, pour hot water over it, make hard boiled eggs, and that took her a long 30minutes to do it =( She's too slow, I'm telling you. Even shoo-ed me out of the kitchen a few times when I attempted to sneak in.

Anyway, here's a picture of our breakfast: yummy-licious! but a tad too lil, don't you all think?

We finished it in less than 2 minutes. Well, actually, Patches finished first. All that bitch did was swallow and swallow. She never even bother to chew! The greedy pig even tried to push her flat face into my bowl =( Luckily mummy shouted at her.

where's our face??

I hope mummy will make delicious meals for us more often. Not that I'm complaining about the daily kibbles, but it'll be nice if we could just sink our teeth into those juicy bloody meat once in a while. Little Zen likes it raw, mummy, RAW!


Late last night, daddy & mummy brought us out to meet some of their forum friends. Daddy's car forum friends, actually. Mummy leashed me to Daddy's car, and proceed to carry Patches in her arms =( Stupid Patches is apparently too precious to walk on hard ground. Mummy was afraid that Patches might run away if she were to be put on ground, as Patches is timid towards strangers. Ya, right! Please do not be cheated by her 'sweet' face. Looks can be deceiving.

Patches' ugly side. Muahahahaha~ She looks like Darth Vader

Okay, enough about Patches. Last night I met this young gentle boy named Jamie. Mummy was surprised and shocked at the same time, that Jamie's parents are actually her forum friends from Pawzcafe and also daddy's forum friends from Getz Garage. What a schmall schmall world! Jamie is so cute and so quiet. So unlike me. I am rough and noisy. That boy kept sniffing me so hard that it actually irritates me a lil. He even tried to hump me. Guess I'm too irresistible, eh? :P

Mummy was telling us that next week we'll all celebrating MY birthday =) I am turning 2 on November 13th. I'm a big girl already! Woohoo! The celebration next week will be held at U Petgamart's poolside. There will also be other doggy friends around. I'm so looking forward to it. Hope that there will be lots of food around. And best part is, Paw korkor is going too =) We're celebrating our birthdays together with other November furbies, like Sweety, Boo Boo, Princess and Jewel. And Jamie is going too.

To all of you who are reading this, please do join us! More details can be found here and here. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Zen: l o v e

love my mummy =)

i hate patches =(

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Zen: new friend in the house..

Hey you all. Sorry I hadn't been updating this for a while. Mummy had been infected with this lazy bug, and had passed it on to me :P What's worst is that during my lazy period, I somehow became very scratchy and even made our house snow! (Mummy: *Ahem* she meant that she shed more and have lots of flakes)

yawnzzZzzZZz.. can i sleep on your bed?

Anyway, enough about the snowing and the lazing. Yesterday night mummy brought home a new friend... I remembered that I saw her before some time last week. Boy, was she grumpy! Even tried to snap at me when I went over to sniff and say hi.

Presenting, Patches!

I am proud to announce that Patches was bullied by me during her first night at MY house. That bitch not only doesn't know how to climb stairs, she can't even walk when leashed and don't know how to jump over small drains. DUH!

I overheard mummy telling daddy that I am such a good girl, as compared to Patches. Hur hur hur.. I get to sleep in mummy's room every night, but Patches can only sleep in the room next door all by herself. Maybe next time, Patches! Next time, when you are fully outdoor-trained like me. Until then, haha, stay away from MY bed.

Why did mummy tied us together? *Sulks*

Patches lying at the doorway like a carpet.

Faster, mummy! Can we go yet?

Can we go yet? Can we go yet? Please please please?