Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Nat: Let's pray for GiGi

Oh dear.. I hadn't been reading up on some blog updates and decided that today I shall do some catching up to see what everyone's been up to. Got a shock when I realised that our dear friend GiGi will be put to sleep on this coming Friday.

Please pray for dear GiGi; she had been such a dear friend to her mummy and to my Patches. May dear GiGi be released from all her pain and sufferings; may she run free and happy over at the rainbow bridge.

Zen: We're all clear

Following up on our check-up report with the bioresonance machine, mummy had been monitoring us for a while. So Patches and I went for our blood test last week, and we were given the all clear from our vet! Thank you all of you for your kind words and support given to us and our mummy!

We're not very sure about how accurate the bioresonance machine is, but surely there had been some concern over why Patches had not been gaining weight for the past one year (she had been losing weight instead.. only 3kg now!). While I on the other side gained some 500g+ as i now weight at about 8.5kg. Mummy says I'm a big girl now, but I don't really mind.. I know that I'll always be mummy's little girl at heart :)

As for Patches, the poor girl is all skin and bones.. she doesn't seem to be growing any meat or fats on herself even though she eats alot. Mummy will take the vet's advise to increase Patches' food intake to about 2x the current portion.. which means she will be eating the same portion as I am! I do hope little P will gain at least some weight or grow some fatty meat so that mummy wouldn't be so worried. She is still as active and naughty though.

My grandmama (that's my mummy's mummy) is in town since last Thursday, and mummy is so happy about it. She hasn't been able to go back to her hometown since January this year, and had been missing my grandpapa and grandmama heaps. Grandmama accompany mummy for a shopping spree to prepare for the arrival of our new baby hooman sibling, which is coming very soon! Gosh, I am so excited and a tad nervous at the same time.. Mummy had been telling us that our new baby hooman sibling would be a baby girl, and that we would have to love her like how we love mummy at the same time. I'm not too sure if I could do that, but if our new baby hooman sibling could feed us yummies then I don't think I'd mind having her around!