Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Zen: what's that smell..?

Is it durian? OH MY, it is durian!!

Do anything you want, but please please give me a piece of that yummy..

Pretty pretty please?


by the way.. that's daddy's legs

Monday, 8 June 2009

Nat: Bioresonance for Pets

Anyone heard of this Bioresonance for pets treatment?

I was introduced to this treatment some time back when I attended the "Better Owner Better Dog" seminar organised by the Pets Magazine a few weeks ago. Since they offered me free check-up for both my girls, and the procedure is very simple, I thought, WHY NOT? And so I went for the complimentary check-up last Sat evening.. Wasn't expecting anything major in particular, I was just curious about how the machine works in the non-evasive way (the pet just have to sit still on top of a mat) to diagnose internal problems, if any.

Passion For Pets Center

After the check-up, I was then briefed on the report for both the girls.. Was a tad taken aback when I was told that the machine diagnosed both of them to be having serious kidney problems.

Many thoughts ran through my head.. thoughts like did I do something wrong? Fed them the wrong diet? Toilet training habits?

I was then told to bring my 2 girls for a thorough blood test at the vet clinic to confirm if the machine diagnostic was correct.

I googled and read up on kidney problems on dogs, realised that those dogs with kidney problems are put on BARF diet for easier absorption of nutrients.. Hmm, my girls had been on BARF for more than a year now, so I'm guessing that the part about the diet went wrong is out. Moving on to my next suspicion, which is toilet habits, both the girls have very different toilet habits! Patches is indoor-trained, therefore she gets to go pee/poo as and when she feels like it. While Zen is outdoor-trained, she only gets to go pee/poo when we bring her out for walks.

So what went wrong??? How accurate is this Bioresonance really? I will monitor the girls for a while more before deciding if I should send them for the complete blood test, as advised by a close friend. Please do pray for us..

the reports..

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Zen: lack of updates

We're so sorry we've been lacking of updates recently. We'd just want to let you all know that we're all doing fine and having fun pouncing on each other. The weather is crazy nowadays.. It can get so hot that I am literally sweating from my paws. Well, remember to take in more fluids, pals, and don't get dehydrated! My mummy is so afraid of the hot blazing sun in the late evening that she refused to bring me down for my evening walkie until the sun sets! Can't blame her as she don't want to risk me getting heatstroke in this kind of weather.

We hope to be able to update this blog more often. Meanwhile, let me end this post by sharing a pic of mummy's fat tummy..