Thursday, 23 August 2007

Zen: ...finally!

Hi all! My name is Zen. As you can see, I am white.. okay okay, not exactly white, but I do have white skin beneath that thick layers of black black fur! I love to eat, and play with my toys. My mummy says I am a rough girl, but all I did was jump and lay my paws on those humans that I like! Sometimes they will just scream & run like they've seen ghost =(

Aaaaaaaanyway, this is my first time using the computer.. Hope I can update more about myself. That's all for today, my paws are getting tired from typing. See you around!



Unknown said...

Zen Zen! Finally you have a blog!
Upload more photos ya!
Love ya~ *Hugs*Hugs*

Sundae said...

hi zen, why do your mama only take pictures of your back? :P

Anyways, do add me at .

seeya around!