Thursday, 13 March 2008

Zen: updates updates!

yo everybody!

haven't update this for a while..

okay, let's get started with some pics:

do we look alike?

that is my korkor dearest, Paw Paw! he is my best playmate and my bestest friend. my korkor protects me and dotes on me very very much. he would let me have my way, how ever i want it. i can have his toys, sleep on his bed, even eat and drink from his bowl :P oh well, can't complain much can i? those hands holding us belongs to Aunty B, and she is Paw's mama.

wedding bell soon?

that's Bobby, the very handsome Mini Schnauzer that belongs to Aunty Y. tee-hee, the picture looks cute, eh? effects was done by Uncle T. we were all at Aunty Y's house that time, and Bobby was smitten with Patches! he was following her around, even wanted to hump her! that's when mummy decided to place Patches high on the stool. but that didn't stop Bobby from following her. he just can't keep his eyes off her, and started to sort of dance and walk on hind legs in front of Patches! we didn't managed to snap a picture on that time, so this was the next best thing. see Bobby kept eyeing my little sister? well, i hope mummy would send her off to Aunty Y! then i can have mummy all to myself. *evil laughs*

ghost look-alike!

that's me wrapped in towel after my bath! mummy always made me sit in the baby tub before giving me my towel. i would then wriggle in the baby tub and make funny noises. you think i'm cute? hehehe...


mummy bought an OP shirt meant for babies, and made me wear it. she said it's cos i always scratch myself silly.. well, i refused to budge after she put on the shirt for me. hmmmmmmph! it's not comfy at all!

i'm still sulking over that incident. will update again when i finished sulking. hmmmph!

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Ben & Darling said...

Hi Zen, I was like asking myself why my mom left me a comment when I saw "ZEN" hehehhe....glad & thanks for dropping by.

I got a MS & ST at home too but they both dont really like each other much, u know guys...their conversation is like "Im more handsome than u, I have bettr look dude." hehe