Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Nat: hairstyle experiment

During time-off from topknots, I do this:

Recently someone taught me this:

And when I'm too free, I'll do this:


well this sucks said...

This is very cute!
Maybe Elmo should grow his hair out sometime..


natalie said...

yeah! just grow the head fur will do :)

Boo Casanova said...

patches, you reminded me of my girl friend, chiyo. she's a ST with long hair. she's a princess btw. :P

your hair and hers are almost similar too.

wet wet licks


Mommy Mash said...


be careful when you pleat the topknot. tends to matt easier if patches mess her topknot.

there's some u can try...i did for wasabi when his coat was long previously

tie one topknot in front, then split into two at the back. u can leave it as it is or pleat the ponytail. so the pleats will fall nicely at the side like how a little ger.

hope u get what i mean.

natalie said...

thanks for sharing, Shirly :)

will try out and snap a pic for you to see, haha