Saturday, 25 August 2007

Zen: When I am good

mummy took a short video of me this morning..

Did you hear that? Mummy repeat herself a few times before I actually listens. Sometimes I have selective hearing :P

Anyway.. I overheard mummy telling daddy that we're gonna join some friends for BBQ tonight. So I'm pretty excited now =) Must behave like a good girl, else mummy will threaten not to bring me along.



Unknown said...

Good Zen Zen! Have you been practicing the tricks that I taught you?

Zen said...

mummy always tease me with the treats & toys.. sometimes when I waited too long, I'd do all the tricks at one go :P that saves the trouble of her repeating them over & over again

e said...

hello Zen
your mummy and my eve talks on the doggy forum but I've only just discovered your blog!


p.s. you are so smart. You know what daddy means and you can do that BANG trick!

~Sweety~ said...

I Miss u Zen

So long never see u le..

When will we meet again?

Lots of Love,