Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Zen: Goodbye

Time flies really fast. We had moved to grandma's house for 2 months. But for the whole 2 months, I had not made any new friends in this neighbourhood at all. Either they were not friendly, or their mama/papa were not friendly to us.

I remember once while mummy was walking me, we met this baby schnauzer. I, being the kaypoh me, tried to drag mummy to go over just to say hi but the owners looked afraid of me =(

Then we met the owners again yesterday, without the baby schnauzer. Mummy thinking that since they were not so friendly the last time we met them, decided to pull me away. But surprisingly they approach us and patted me on my head.

I heard mummy had some short talks with them, but I was too busy to play than to notice what they said. Could only remember that the owners said their baby schnauzer is having bumps all over her body due to food allergy. Well, I had equally much fun playing with their human son =)

Today we met them again.. Mummy off-leashed me to let me have a good run and rough play-time with the human son. Boy that was fun! Finally I had made some friends here in this new neighbourhood, but we are going to move to some other place by end of the month. I hope our new place is dog-friendly, with lots of clean green grass for me.. Mummy told me that I could get a brother/sister real soon if I could behave well and settle down fast at our new permanent home. I can't wait! =))


e said...

great that you're settling in nicely!!!

Hope you make lots of friends!!

Fei and E

Unknown said...

Why so long never update your blog gehh?