Saturday, 3 November 2007

Zen: new friend in the house..

Hey you all. Sorry I hadn't been updating this for a while. Mummy had been infected with this lazy bug, and had passed it on to me :P What's worst is that during my lazy period, I somehow became very scratchy and even made our house snow! (Mummy: *Ahem* she meant that she shed more and have lots of flakes)

yawnzzZzzZZz.. can i sleep on your bed?

Anyway, enough about the snowing and the lazing. Yesterday night mummy brought home a new friend... I remembered that I saw her before some time last week. Boy, was she grumpy! Even tried to snap at me when I went over to sniff and say hi.

Presenting, Patches!

I am proud to announce that Patches was bullied by me during her first night at MY house. That bitch not only doesn't know how to climb stairs, she can't even walk when leashed and don't know how to jump over small drains. DUH!

I overheard mummy telling daddy that I am such a good girl, as compared to Patches. Hur hur hur.. I get to sleep in mummy's room every night, but Patches can only sleep in the room next door all by herself. Maybe next time, Patches! Next time, when you are fully outdoor-trained like me. Until then, haha, stay away from MY bed.

Why did mummy tied us together? *Sulks*

Patches lying at the doorway like a carpet.

Faster, mummy! Can we go yet?

Can we go yet? Can we go yet? Please please please?

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Unknown said...

Did Zen Zen and Patches get along well?