Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Zen: our new freezer

Check this out! Mummy bought a 100L freezer for us! How cool is that?

as tall as our washing machine.. only wider =)

And you know what came shortly after? Three boxes of Dr B's diet! Woooo Hooooo~ Look at the insides of our freezer now:

Mummy promised to fill it to the brink, hahahas.. This is foodie heaven. Okay, prior to this, many had asked Mummy why get a freezer when we have ample space in our current family fridge to store meats? The story was that Ah-Ma (daddy's mum) had quarrelled with my Mummy over the usage of the freezer compartment. Poor mummy had to give in and got us another freezer just to store our meats, and also some ice-cream and frozen yogurts that mummy occasionally buy. But hey, look at the bright side, mummy have no excuse not to wake up earlier to go do market-ing on weekends now =P


well this sucks said...

so... jealous..

Par said...

A new fridge of your own, lucky ones!