Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Zen: carbon-copy

oh yoooohoooooooooooo~

Pardon me for my lack of posts. Mummy and patches had been hogging the lappie for so long that I lost count.. or had I been sleeping for too long..? hmm.. NEVER MIND!

Anyone remembered this post about spotting the difference? One of it is not me..

presenting.... Scruffy!

The story goes like this:

One fine day, a lady came by our blog and noticed that I looked very much like her pet dog named Scruffy. In her mind she was already thinking, "Why this person kept posting pictures of my dog on her blog..?" Than as she read further, she discovered that I'm not Scruffy. She was so excited that she actually dropped me a few messages on my CBox, asking my mummy to contact her by email os they could exchange more photos.

And so Scruffy's mummy sent my mummy some very nice photos of Scruffy. My mummy was equally as excited when she saw those pics, especially when she learnt that Scruffy is in agility and obedience. She had wanted to enrol me in agility all along, but due to my weak hind legs she had to forgo her wish. And knowing that there's a Zen look-alike out there doing agility, a large part of her wish had actually came true..

It's not every day that you'll get to see another dog that look like me.. PArtially because I am a cross breed and you know crosses can come out a thousands type :) so do you guys think we look alike? no?


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Both of you look so alike!!! Glad you found your look alike.

Slurpy licks,

http://th-dumbo.blogspot.com said...
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Wei Qian said...

Wow, your really look alike! (: i couldnt differentitate the difference at first.

http://th-dumbo.blogspot.com said...
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Emma and Emmy said...

Hello Zen,

The pooch really looks like you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Diana Chiew said...

Yes, I was surprised that there is a Scruffy look-alike out there. I got to know Scruffy through Puppy.com and not that Scruffy knows me. Yes, both of you are mirror images of each other.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yah! That's Scruffy the Mafia! We know each other coz we often see each other at dog carnivals & dog trials. He's an OB champ so is his Dallie mix sista! Zen & him will be the pawfect match! Heehee!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer