Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nat: what a surprise

Gotten a new comment on my previous post today..

YOur mummy so evil hearted and bad mouth doubt your sibling will inherit all the bad things from her. Cant imagine.
- Posted by Anonymous at 29 September 2009 11:09

Such good grammars this person have. Gotta thank him / her for reading this blog, though :) But why so chicken, didn't leave any names? I bad-mouthed alot of people, I really couldn't pinpoint exactly which one of them you are. At least I don't act noble or plead innocent. I am human afterall :)

On a more serious note, baby's progressing into week-38 now! The furballs are getting more and more sticky to me; I guess they knew that their baby sibling's arriving soon. Am already on maternity leave now, anxiously awaiting for baby's arrival.. Catch up again soon!

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Emma and Emmy said...

what an inappropriate and inconsiderate act to a doggie friendly blog? Whoever did this, please not to put negative and personal comments to this doggie friendly blog.

Natalie, thanks for deleting the comments as there are children readers reading doggie blogs. Hugs =^_^=