Monday, 19 November 2007

Zen: Saturday @ U Petgamart

Hi all!

We went to U Petgamart last Saturday, 17-Nov-2007, to celebrate barkday for all November furbies. And I was one of them =) Mummy brought us there at around 3 in the afternoon, and we were the first to arrive.

And so, after a few rounds of run, mummy decided to throw me into the pool.

see me swim

someone called my name?

and then, it was Patches' turn. She was too afraid to swim, and ended up paddling like a mad chicken at the brink of the pool. Here's Patches after the 'swim':

Big head Patches

Wet Patches

Dry Patches

And then there was this gorgeous Husky who kept loitering around & hanging out at our table.

Gorgeous, ain't he?

Me with the gorgeous boy

We waited for very very long, but all those that came and went off weren't those that we were expecting to see =(

where's korkor? =(

Uncle Terrence took some more pics of all of us later that night, but he was too busy to post them up. Will post them up here when I can lay my paws on them =)

That night, mummy checked my paws and found that they were all redden and sore. So she applied painful ointment on my paws and made me wear baby bootees to sleep =(


so artistic, eh?

sleepy liao...

and dozing off to ZzZZzzzZZz-land

Here's Patches sleeping on the stool.

High 5?

How about another one?

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