Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Nat: feeding raw

I think many have been commenting on how good the girls look now; how glossy their coats are, how soft it is, no more strong offensive BO and how darker Patches' browns had became. These I think are the benefits from feeding raw to them. I started them on Dr. B's patties, which was easy and convenient to feed. Now I'm trying to switch them to raw meaty bones; meaning that I actually went marketing for meats like an 'auntie' *blushes* *no offense, people.. *

I am most proud of how many people have benefited from feeding their dogs raw by reading this blog.. A big thank you to you all for trusting and believing in what I had penned (or typed, forthat matter) here, and actually went to try out Dr. B's patties. Another big thank you to Alfred for bringing in the yummies for the furbies! To C and A, you know who you are, I hope your furbies are better now =)


Anonymous said...

C is me har?? :P Aiyah, my dog is on medication again, so I really don't know if the BARF is helping her or not. She didn't really recover from the last bout of rash, then she started new ones like nobody's business again. We tried to let it heal itself over time hoping that Dr B was detoxing her or something, but turned out no. When she scratch until bleed, we brought her to get her drugs again. Increased the anti-biotic dosage again. So I'm back to square-1, have to finish the medication 1st. I'll probably continue the BARF for a while more before deciding what to do next for her skin condition. So far, I find Dr B very convenient to feed and she seems to love it. She's also back to what the doc calls an ideal weight now - although my parents are worried that she'll keep loosing more and more weight.

Anonymous said...

yeah, C is YOU! :P

Aww.. poor B.. I hope she will recover soon! How come the sudden outbreaks yeah? I recall the one time i saw her, she was in tip-top condition..

true enough that Dr B is very convenient, and my girls love it too. Zen lose some 'physical' weight at first (she seems skinnier) and then later on gained back some muscle. B should be fine if you're feeding her according to her weight :D So don't worry, yah?