Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Zen: soft stools

We've been having soft stools since Sunday =( It was quite bad.. especially when Patches' poo poo has got those jelly-like thingy and is smelly. We have not had smelly poo poo since we were on BARF.

Mummy had decided to fast us yesterday morning.. When she return home, she cooked chicken porridge for us.

It was yummy, and mummy seldom cooks for us.. We showed our gratitude by licking our bowls squeaky clean after our meals. Mummy was happy. She continued to feed us on raw chicken this morning, and will monitor again..

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Par said...

Ahh yea... my baby girl had softie lately too, but not on raw. I started to just give her cook chicken for a few days to eat. Sometimes sweet potato, pumpkin, apple sauce, yogurt or some liquid in her water bowl. Hope your furball is all well!