Thursday, 17 July 2008

Patches: Splurge on meeeeeeee

Recently mummy had bought some stuff for me =) First off, she bought this CCS Ice on Ice Leave-in Detangler.

Auntie A had passed to Mummy about half a bottle of this Ice on Ice to try on me.. Well, she tried and she liked it a lot. We couldn't find the concentrated type, so Mummy bought the diluted one. After using this on my coat, daily brushing is so much more enjoyable for me =)

Next up, Mummy bought a Spa Lavish Cologne to try out on us. It was an impulsive purchase as we do not need cologne, but it actually turned out to be a great product for my coat! After spraying on this product, my coat felt so much more softer and looked shinier =) Mummy was at first wondering, how come my coat suddenly turned so soft and shiny.. then she realised it was this cologne that does the trick. Even Daddy's friend, Auntie E, also commented that my fur looked so nice. Mummy is very happy with this cologne =)

Then last night, Mummy went to APC at Toa Payoh to hunt for a proper pin brush for me. She couldn't find a CCS pin brush, so she got the next best thing: the #1 All Systems pin brush.

I love this brush very much because it glides on easily through my fluffy coat and does not make me pain pain. Cheers to Mummy for splurging on the good items for me =)

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SotongFurkids said...

CCS is a good product, especially the conditioner.
The SPA Lavish Cologne looks like a good product, will bark our Mom to add this in our shopping list ..hehee

Twister & Furby