Monday, 1 September 2008

Zen: Bottle-feeding

If you didn't know already know, let me tell you. It's already torturous enough to spoon-feed us our Dr B, now our mummy is starting to bottle-feed us! But much to our dismay, I don't really mind the bottle-feeding cos it's just yummy! Guess what? mummy bottle-fed us Vitagen last night! (Nat: I beg to differ! Both the girls have beards, and they developed smelly-fishy breath cos their beards are always wet and.. dirty. By spoon-feeding them, they no longer have bad breath! And the bottle-feeding is just for fun)

Video as a proof:

Mummy said we looked so cute in the video.. anybody disagree? ^ ^

Oh, if you remember this and this, the same puffy boy actually came over again earlier yesterday afternoon. His name is Muffin, and I really like him =) I think Patches hates him to the core, but hey, whats new? She hates everybody to the core. But she does warm up after, like, 5 minutes later. So that's not too bad. And I certainly do hope Patches would warm up faster, as not to scared my doggy friend-friends away.

I hope mummy would pet-sit more doggy friend-friends so that I could have more playmates.. but I'm not sure about sharing her love and attention.. Hmmm..

*off to ponder*


Boo Casanova said...

you two are soooooooooooooooo mommy's girl. haha. not a bad thing actually.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

pet sit? How much u want to charge? I throw my 2 naughty dogs to U. Baby will always fight with Zen for attention.


Anonymous said...

Also if charge is good, I may send Chincillas/rabit for U to petsit too, then Zen got more furry friends to play with.


well this sucks said...

omg. that bottle. I know that drink!! hahahahaha. so yummy. Korean yogurt? :PPPP

Unknown said...

Oh yea...Peatly like those too ...hehehe

Perry said...

Both of them are so cute. What a Kodak moment. I will add your blog to my babies blog. My son blog Emma blog