Sunday, 26 October 2008

Patches: B.R.A. Charity Sale / "But she's so cute!"

Hi everydoggie,

Today is a special day.. our mummy will be helping Bond's mummy and Dango's mummy at this B.R.A. Charity Sale to be held at U Petgamart (at Pasir Ris Farmway 1). More details here and to join the Facebook support group here.

Well mummy is going to bring ME along. Neh ni neh ni boo boo, Zen cannot go cos she went out with mummy to the beach yesterday w/o me! But I know today is just going to be as fun as yesterday (Nat: her idea of fun is barking her head off at innocent strangers trying to touch her. More about that later in this post..). Oh, oh, and Auntie E of Barkers Grub and Auntie A of Woofy's Choice is going to be there too! *drools* Both of them bakes the most delicious food in town! And safe for everydoggie's consumption, of course.

Please do go down there to support us. We'll be there from 12 p.m. onwards.


The other day mummy was talking to Auntie B (Paw's mama), recalling a past experience of how people go ga-ga over me and my cuteness.. *thick skinned* The situation goes something like this:

Mummy and Auntie B were walking us (me, Zen and Paw.. Yoyo was not with us yet at that point of time) towards ECP McDonalds to grab their dinner. Knowing that McDonalds now do not allow us to dine in their premises anymore, the hoomans decided that mummy should go in to pack dinner while Auntie B would stand outside while watching over us 3.

Then this lady with 2 young children walked past us; and this was what she told her children:

Mother of 2: *points to Paw* This one too big, will bite, don't touch.
Auntie B: *frowned*
Mother of 2: *points to Zen* This one black black, looks fierce, don't touch.
Auntie B: *huh? frowns more*
Mother of 2: *points to me* This one small small, so cute, can touch. Go. Go. *ushers her 2 small kid towards me*
Auntie B: *shocked* STOP. Do. Not. Touch. The. Small. One.
Mother of 2: Huh? Why?
Auntie B: She is not very friendly towards strangers. I'm not sure if she would bite.
Mother of 2: But she's so cute!! *still pushes her 2 kids towards me*
Auntie B: *Blood boils* If you want to touch, please touch the other 2. They are the friendly ones.
Paw & Zen: *wag tails furiously*

At this point of time, our mummy came back with food in her hands. Auntie B just pulled us away from the lady w/o much more talking. When Auntie B relate the whole conversation to mummy, she laughed so hard. Knowing me, I'd probably charge towards anybody (and everybody) that tries to approach me with sudden movements w/o even giving me a chance to sniff them first. I'm not unfriendly; I'm just wary and I don't like strangers. *flashes poor thing watery angel eyes (think Puss in Boots)*

So people out there, if you see me please do let me sniff you first before you touch me. I'm just a schmall schmall cutesy cutesy girl, but that doesn't mean I can be toyed around. I'd warm up to you very soon after if you promise to be gentle and let me sniff you first. (Nat: It's proven to be true. When we brought her go dogruns, she'd take the initiative to go around sniffing other humans but if the other party did as I told them to, meaning let Patches sniff out their hands first and no sudden movement, Patches would let them pat her and after that she'd come running back to me.)

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your mommy met the evil auntie jenn? wow, too bad boo2 and zen can't go. :P

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