Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Zen: We are back!!~

Hello all.. Phew!~ Been like almost a month since I last update here! Well.. mummy had been busy with her wedding and all, so I guess now it's time we settle down and resume normal life =)

For starters, wanna share some pics with you all..

This is our precious P after her bathing =P In case you didn't know or haven't noticed, our P is really quite tiny underneath all her fluffy fur. Seen here is her sitting in mummy's small basin. Look how much space still left around her. I swear she could use it as her bed even, if not for the fact that mummy need to use the basin every day..

Moving on, mummy had also recently gotten me a Nylabone Wishbone. See me enjoying it:

It's really yummy as you can see =) And oh, Auntie E passed a new comb to mummy to try out on me. I heard mummy said this works better than the furminator on my coat, maybe because I don't have wooly type of undercoat.. My coat is rough, and so is my undercoat.. Hmmm.. You be the judge.

Recently mummy came home smelling weird.. Well, not smelly, but just smells of other stranger pawfriends (if you know what I mean). After much probing from us, she confessed that she had been seeing 2 other belly friendly Goldies. And she didn't even brought me along! How unfair! She did showed us some pics though..

Look at the handsome duo! Mummy says they're the sweetest dogs ever! Riiiiiiiiight.. like they could be any sweeter than me? Anyway, I just can't wait to meet them. I hope they are doing well, cos mummy told me they are not exactly the luckiest dogs around. Will definitely keep you boys in our prayers every night..

Last but not least, share with you a picture of my handsome korkor :) you think we look alike?


Boo Casanova said...

you two are back. did u mention mummy's wedding? did u tell us abt it? when?

wet wet licks


The Musketeers said...

Yeah ! You two are finally back !