Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Zen: The Chocolate Chart

Good Morning!

We just wanted to share a piece of useful information to all of our friends. Auntie B had once showed mummy this Chocolate Chart Interactive that displays how much each type of chocolates could actually harm us canines.. And now we would like to share with you all precious friends out there.

Here's the link to the important Chocolate Chart Interactive:

If you all happened to have eaten any one type of chocolates at all, please get your mummy or daddy to call your Vet and ask for help!

Be sure to bookmark it!

On another note, if anyone of you would like to join us for The PUPPY MILL Link Exchange Project, please don't be shy! Please help spread the words!

1 comment:

Emma and Emmy said...

The link is good. Our family said they had share the link to their friends too.