Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Patches: Day out in a carrier

Early Friday morning, mummy chunked me into my long-forgotten carrier and out we go. First stop: we went to meet this goldie with long armpit fur..


I have a feeling that this goldie is in love with me.. Why, you asked?


He was all over me while I was present! Kept sniffing me and my butt butt.. and following me around like good ol' bodyguard :) If you haven't noticed.. he is in the background of this picture too!

Next stop: VIVOCITY!

We met up with lots of overly excited hoomans.. Mummy identified them as Auntie Z (Twinkle's mum), Auntie S (Boo Casanova's mum), Auntie K (Rossi's mum), Auntie L (Goofy's mum) and also Auntie Eil (that's Bae Bae's Eil). I got spooked by Auntie L and then I couldn't resist but to barked at her.. Can't blame me, I'm just a small timid little girl! But later on I found out that they were all really nice! Sorry, Auntie L!

Here's a bootiful pic of me taken by Auntie Z:


The hoomans then shopped around Vivocity for hours end while I sat comfortably in mah carrier, being carried around like a toy by Auntie Jenn. Many bypassers went "ooooh" and "aaaaah" over how cute I looked when I sat still in my carrier :)

Later that day they went for their Korean BBQ dinner.. And I wasn't allowed to join them so mummy left me in the car with all 4 windows winded down 1/4. Weather was cooling so I slept through the period mostly as I was pretty exhausted. Mummy did came and checked on me during dinner, and she let me out for my potty break and some stretching excercise before putting me back into the car again. I had been a very good girl on that day!

Hope to meet up with all the aunties again soon!


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Mommy said you are berry good gal and she asked if Im interested in you. OF COZ!!! Who could resist this bootiful sweetie pie??? I will print out your bootiful pic & put it in MY room!!

slurpy licks,

PeeS: Pls beware of that long armpit hair golden...I heard he got a pervy brother. lol

Bae Bae said...

The long armpit fur goldie sounds like a pervy... Be carefur of him.

Hee.. I bet you're barking HI to Auntie L

~ Bae

Emma and Emmy said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trips with us.