Thursday, 26 March 2009

Zen: Great news!

Uno has most probably found a suitable forever home! Our mummy heard that Uno is now doing great at one of the potential adopter's place.. And we're so glad that we had helped in spreading the words on forums and our blog :)

Moo Moo is still searching for his forever home though.. Please please, kind souls out there, would you give Moo Moo a chance to live with you forever?

On another note: HURRAY!~ words has it that some of our bloggers friends (umm.. most likely their mummies, actually) across the causeway are coming to visit tomorrow! Can I expect some huggies and maybe some petties please?


Ebi n' Emma said...


we're sure you'll have fun with the new visitors!


linked you up! =p

Emma and Emmy said...

Glad Uno have a home. It is very sad to hear Moo Moo still waiting for someone to adopt.

Hope good news coming to Moo Moo before Easter.

Bae Bae said...

Yeah that Uno is going to a furevery home soon.

Ps. I heard some notti auntie disturbed you last friday Patches..

~ Bae