Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Patches: nitey nite

Hi all, anyone missed me?

It's already way passed my bedtime, but mummy had just finished bathe and blowdry my long long fur and still made me pose on the stool..

*yawnzzz* i'm about to doze off soon

Shortly after finished posing, I went to sleep almost immediately

And Zen was comfortably snoozing on her huge pillow

Nitey night, all! Weekend is around the corner, Have a pawsome weekend to all of you!


Kelli said...

Goodnight Patches and Zen!
Sweet Dreams!
:) Tibby

Bae Bae said...

You look very pretty there Patches.

I wish I have long hair toooo

~ Bae

DoMoFi said...

Patches look like a nice pillow to sleep on! :)

Anonymous said...

i can see patches eyes half shut!

night darling.

Emma and Emmy said...

nice grooming. we need to have ours done, too