Monday, 5 May 2008

Zen: Dr. B's new improved diet!

Hey peeps!

Sorry about mummy's ranting.. obviously her mood isn't good at all last night.. buy hey, here's more to share about Dr. B's RAW diet.

Some of mummy's friends had voiced out that they're abit concerned on the RAW diet as they could see the veggie bits (esp the carrots) was not grinded fine enough and too big a piece for us doggies to be digested properly.. Good new for y'all!!

so bloody.. so yummy..

This is the thawed version of Dr. B's new packaging RAW diet. They have improved alot. Look at how fine the things are blended. No more visible big chunks of carrots that you peeps are worried about! This is 1 meal for me.. hiak hiak hiak.. For comparison, look at the picture below.

One quarter from the patty equals to one meal for me

Both are kangaroo meat.. and yet they looked so different.. Are you guys convinced yet? Now we only poo poo once a day.

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