Sunday, 4 May 2008

Zen: Dr. B's RAW Diet

*sniff* *sniff*

Mummy came home smelling 'exotic' today. I tried poking my nose into her bag; and that 'exotic' thing in it is cooooooooooold *shivers* *sniff* *sniff*

When she took them out from the bag, it looked like this:

Dr. B's RAW Kangaroo Diet - new packaging

And after that, we became like this:
P: hiak hiak hiak.. more goody foodie for us
Z: we gotta wait till evening for our dinner.. *yawnzz*

Today is the second day mummy had been feeding us on Dr. B's RAW diet. Mummy is quite pleased with it as we're adapting well to it and no soft stools from us. What's more happy is that mummy didn't find any undigested food from our poo poo (apart from those rubbish that we picked up during our walks *blushes*).

Well, P puked some yellow thingy in the kitchen yesterday evening.. mummy thought P must have been too hungry, but me thinks P picked up something from dunno-where-else and swallowed it; and then she puked it all out again under mummy's bed. It was only later on that mummy found out that P had puked under her bed. Those yucky things she puked out were unrecognizable. We confirm it has nothing to do with Dr. B's food =)

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