Friday, 30 May 2008

Zen: no more smelly BO

It's been almost a month after we had switched to Dr. B's RAW diet.. Mummy commented that I don't have smelly body odour le =)

Mummy had increased our food intake quantity. Now both of us share a patty per day as compared to the 3/4 patty per day previously. Mummy had also just placed new order with Uncle Alfred of Barf Singapore as our supply is now running low. She had ordered for 2 packs of the Lamb recipe.. I can't wait to taste it soon =)

Few days ago Mummy had forgotten to thaw one patty for us and only left with a half of the thawed patty in the fridge, so she decided that I should be taking the RAW food while she put Patches on dry kibbles for that day. On the very next morning, Daddy complained to Mummy saying that Patches' stool is very smelly and quite soft while mine are firm and practically odourless. Mummy is indeed very pleased with Dr. B's diet.

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