Saturday, 3 May 2008

Zen: new look.. new food

Hey all..

Mummy brought me and Patches to Bark & Bubbles for grooming yesterday. Full grooming for me and basic grooming for P. So sad that Auntie Constance, Auntie Aiting, Bree & Chocolate is no longer there =(

Overall. mummy would rate them at 5 out of 10. Here are the reasons:
1. Groomer 1 who handled me, actually took off my Coach collar and tried on her own dog without consent / permission from mummy.
2. They took P and placed her in the cage even when they're not ready to groom her. They shouldn't have asked to take her away when they're not ready. Mummy was sitting there all these while.
3. Groomer 2 placed Patches back into the cage after she was done. Mummy immediately asked for Patches to be handed over.
4. Patches was not dried completely; and their basic grooming package sucks big time. It did not include shaping & rounding of paw areas, and shaving of butt area. Still got some tangles here and there too. Result was Patches looked as if she was not groomed at all.

looking gloomy and tired after grooming session

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, mummy later on brought us to an unfamiliar place and there we met Uncle Alfred. Me loves Uncle Alfred muchie muchie (mummy: *snickers* you love everybody). He smells of yummy goody foodie. Patches was a bit wary of him though.. Typical reaction for P when first time meeting strangers.

Uncle Alfred is actually from BARF Singapore. He has got this big kick-ass fridge where he stores all his yummy goody foodie inside. Ooooh I can't wait to taste them! After some chit-chatting between mummy & Uncle Alfred, we found out that mummy actually wanted to let us try this BARF diet from Dr. Billinghurst. But she wasn't very sure if we would like it. Heck, mummy, of course we would! There isn't any food that we wouldn't take =P

So being the nice fella that he already is, Uncle Alfred gave mummy a patty to bring home for us to try. YIPPEEEE!!~ Mummy is actually quite confident that we would eat them, but she wants to let us try and monitor if we would have diarrhea or any other food allergies.

Yummy-licious looking half-a-pound of goody meaty lamb *slurps*

And so this morning we finally had our first taste of Dr. B's BARF diet. I had a quarter from the patty, while P only had half of the amount I ate. Poor poor thing, P. Who asked you to be so small sized? =P We gobbled down everything in less than 5 seconds. Mummy was amazed. I overheard her telling Daddy that she is going to order these for us for long term. YAY!~ No more boring hard little kibbles.

Oh yeah, almost forgotten to tell y'all that I am officially "diagnosed" with being allergic to fish =( Auntie B had passed a small pack of Orijen Kibbles (Fish Flavour) for me to try. She said it's good stuff; but well, after finishing the all 400gsm of the fish kibbles split in 5 meals and a few days later, me popped some itchy itchy bumps! So after the grooming session yesterday, mummy saw that i had lots of dried bumps on my back. She said it's not due to the current chicken kibbles that she's been feeding us, cos these bumps are all dried up and flakey..

I hope Dr. B's BARF diet would do me good! No more itchy itchy bumps please! I looked so unglam when I scratch here & there everytime. More updates later, ya!

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