Sunday, 29 June 2008

Patches: my new found friend

Mummy brought us To Earth Cafe last night. It was actually to celebrate barkday for Auntie A's 3 CHH. We had yummy-licious foodies all thanks to Auntie A. Then mummy Also brought home Auntie A's Shih Tzu named Dino. He is as pweety as me =)

Dino with my toy toy

Don't we look alike? =)

Dino has got big round pwetty eyes. Bigger than mine. And he is oh-so-sweet that I couldn't growl at him at all.

Sharing a seat with Dino

Patches and Dino =)

Dino will be staying with us for the next few days, until Auntie A had finished her exams.

the 'showdog' me

See how my fur had grown? =) Lots of aunties said I am very pweety and sweet. But sometimes I just wished they hadn't touched me cos I don't like strangers with sudden movements. Aunties, uncles, kokors and jiejies out there : the next time you see me, please do let me sniff you first before you touch me. I promise I will be a good girl if you do. =)


Unknown said...

Dino is so cute. Patches looks kinda small in size compare to Dino.

natalie said...

come see dino =)

Par said...

i like your fur style....

Ben & Darling said...

Patches, your hair is so nice & clean and Dino sure a hansome boy.

slurpy licks,

natalie said...

Patches now has a balding spot right on top of her left eye =( cos she scratches her topknot too much