Thursday, 26 June 2008

Nat: Review on Root's shampoo

As promised earlier in this post, I'm gonna review about the shampoo. But before that, I have finally made up my mind to add myself as an author in this blog and to keep my other blog solely for my own. Matters pertaining to my girls will be posted here. As not to confuse you all, will be adding our names in front of each title.

Okay. So here goes the review. I tried the Roots whitening shampoo on Patches last Sunday. It's quite watery, lathered really well, and easy to rinse off. I don't know what's the craze about the thick shampoo, but I do prefer the more watery ones as I find that those thick ones are very hard to lather up and very hard to rinse off completely. Then I tried the conditioner on Patches. For some reasons it didn't went on as well as I had expected it to, and I hate massaging thick conditioners into Patches' skin cos it'll be very very hard to wash off later. Yesh, I am lazy. I dilute the conditioner a little, and the application was easier. Left it in her coat for about 10 minutes. Then rinse her squeaky clean and ran a chamois over her to soak up the water trapped in her coat.

Then came the blow-drying part. I didn't know what went wrong, but this is the first time Patches gotten so many matts on her! *pulls own hair* I did brushed her thoroughly before I brought her for bath, and did not find any bad matts on her. Now it's everywhere! How come the groomer Serene can do such a good job on her, using the same shampoo and conditioner, how come I can't? I felt like crying while I blowdry her. She seems moody too, as I was taking too long to dry and dematt her. It did cross my mind that if I should have just shave her down and save the trouble of the long daily grooming, but part of my heart actually aches.

I know can't be lazy if I want to grow her for long, but what actually went wrong? I spent 2 days dematting her; it was heart-wrenching to see her face looked so gloomy while I dematt. I'm going to try the same shampoo and conditioenr on her again this coming weekend. If it still matts that bad, I swear will send her for grooming to shave away the matts. *sigh*


Agnes Tan said...

Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Dun shave her down cos she's one vain pot. This picture will show you how vain she is. LOL!!!! Hey! You can trim her to be the same as the pic. That way not so heart pain. Ok, if still heart pain, just trim off half of her coat's length now.

For the matting, I still prefer the Paws spray I bot from Annie's Pet Corner.

To be frank, I never like using conditioner on the gers. Cos it'll leave a silky feeling on the coat. As if I didn't wash it off thoroughly.

PS: Can you add me to your other blog? *wink wink* My email is purple76 at gmail dot com

natalie said...

hi, added you le *wink*

i am using the paws detangler too, sometimes alternate with the CCS ice on ice which aileen passed to me.

Agnes Tan said...

Comparing CCS & Paws, the latter has the better effect. AKA easier to comb and demat.