Thursday, 19 June 2008

Zen: puppy in the house!

Yesterday evening mummy rushed home to bring us out for vet visit with Dr Hsu of The Animal Clinic at Katong. Dr Hsu drew some blood from one of P's front leg (mummy said it's for the heartworm test). Poor little P whined her head off! Lucky the test came back negative; means P is free from heartworm and mummy can put her on heartworm prevention. Then Dr Hsu proceed to check on P's hind legs and said that she is in good shape eventhough her hinds are taller. Patches weights 3kg to-date.

Then it was my turn for checkup. Dr Hsu touched my hind legs too, as mummy was a little over concerned about it. She claims that my hinds are a lil shaky and bended. Mummy brought me to the back lane for a short walk to demonstrate to Dr Hsu on the way I walk. He assured mummy that my hind legs are fine. *phew!* And I weight about 8kg to-date =)

Oh, oh, mummy brought home a puppy! Check him out:

Guess the breed =)

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