Monday, 9 June 2008

Zen: WCDR 08-06-2008

Yesterday daddy & mummy brought us to West Coast Dog Run. Haven't been there for the longest time! I bet it was Patches' first time there, yea Patches? =) We had so muchie muchie fun. Here are some pictures as proof:

yours truly; resting nearby mummy dearest

Patches dearest =) we have a love-hate relationship at home

Here you go.. smell my butt! Take that!

bite you! bite you! bite bite bite!

ouch! got attacked! must. try. hard. to. fight. back.

here's to teach ya a lesson! don't mess with little missy me *bites*

hey there buddy.. let's take a time-out. hehehe

Mummy was telling me there is this uncle at the dogrun who owns 2 Dalmatians ( one of which looks like a batman, hehehe), and he didn't pick up poops left by his dogs! Shame on you, uncle! Here's one picture of the uncle with his 2 Dalmatians. You peeps must recognise his face okie?

must shoo them away! shoo shoo shoo!

I also somehow somewhat got ran over by a big doggie. It wasn't really anybody's fault, but I was merely being the friendly me by going over to said Hi, and then this big doggie suddenly got shocked or something and ran all over me. I whined and whined so loud the whole dog run people were looking at me. I ran back to my mummy and shivered so badly. Mummy and Aunty B were so worried that I got bitten; they touched me everywhereto check if I was fine but everywhere they touched seems to be painful =( I can't stop whining until some 5 minutes later. It was a horrific experience for me. I don't ever want to play or go near big dog ever again!

We then left WCDR at about 6. Mummy & Aunty B brought us to Loving Pets at Upp East Coast Road for our bathing. Patches will get her full grooming too. Daddy return to fetch us later on. When at home, mummy snap some more pics of us.

see the 2 bald spots? that's where I got stepped on =(

Pretty Patches look more neater and rounder after her full groom =)

So sweet, eh? =)

me resting on my bed bed

Patches resting with me =)

Then this morning, both of us refused to wake up.. Mummy's alarm clock had went off, but I was too tired to wake up to paw mummy. So ended up mummy slept for another hour.

still lazing and snoozing in bed at 8am

upclose picture of Patches snoozing.. hehehe

Thank you Aunty Serene of Loving Pets for bathing us and grooming Patches into such a sweet little lady!

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