Monday, 16 June 2008

Zen: big mistake!

Mummy & Auntie B brought us on a loooooong looooong car ride yesterday.. We went to fetch Auntie B & Paw at Marine Terrace, then went to Pasir Ris Farmway 1, then to WCDR. Mummy got lost on the way to WCDR >.<: Mummy introduced me to Tristan the 3 months old Border Collie. Boy was he huge for a 3mths old pup! He is as big as Paw, and so so so cute. But nah, I'm a big girl. I don't like 'schmall schmall' puppies. Paw & I ran around as usual, and showed everybody the way we play; =) Tristan left shortly after that.

Then mummy gotten this treat-ball from someone (cus Auntie B forgotten to bring ours), and decided to stuff some dehydrated pig's heart into it to get me to fetch it. BIG MISTAKE!!!! My treat ball gotten snatched away by a big doggie while I wasn't looking. The big doggie tried to bite Paw when he was just passing by; I guess she must've thought Paw had wanted to snatched the ball away from her. Everybody panicked and went beserk; and then Mummy got some scoldings from Auntie B..

Another auntie came by and asked Mummy if I am pregnant. PREGNANT?! ME?! I used to be fatty fat fat, but now I am fitty fit fit.. I am no where closed to being labeled as FAT, and now I am pregnant?! Auntie B and Mummy was like.. "duh!~"

Do I look pregnant to you?

We left WCDR at about 630pm, and headed to Loving Pets to drop off Patches for her bathing time (Mummy's too lazy to bathe & blow-dry her). Oh, before I forget, mummy commented that Patches doesn't matt as easily since the full grooming session last week. She also told Auntie B that now she enjoys giving Patches the daily combing cus she doesn't need to spend another hour trying to dematt her anymore. Auntie Serene, the groomer at Loving Pets, told mummy that she had been using the Roots Holistic Shampoo & Conditioner on Patches. Here's a picture of it:

Natural Herbal White Shampoo & Herbal Conditioner

If you noticed the price tag on the shampoo, yep you've read it correctly; it's only $15!! That's about half of what mummy had been paying for a bottle of 400ml Spa Lavish shampoo. Well, she have not tried her hands on using this shampoo yet, but seeing is believing as per the results shown on Patches now. Her fluffy fur is now so soft and ..err.. fluffy. Mummy's going to bathe Patches herself using this shampoo & conditioner on this coming weekend. Well, I do hope that it will work well on Patches.. Else mummy would be yelling at me everytime I play too rough with Patches cus she claimed that I made Patches' fur matted =(


Par said...

You look slim..not pregnant..ehehe

natalie said...

why would anyone want to bring a pregnant dog to a dog run, lols... to let the pregnant doggie run?