Friday, 13 June 2008

Patches: little little me!

Mummy found some puppy pics of me from my ex-mummy's photobucket album. She can't stop looking at them!


Ben & Darling said...

Hi Patches & zen, its been such a loooooooooong time since my last visit. I read back all your post & seems like you guys are doing fine other than the stoopid grooming session. That raw diet sound great, Hippo has bad BO too and mom is wondering if she should change his diet.

and looking at Patches puppy photo make mom wondering hows Twinkle looks like coz Mom only got him this year.

slurpy licks,

Par said...

The color of your fur was much darker then.

natalie said...

yeap.. Patches' patches (no pun intended) was so much darker then.. i guess it faded as she grew older. not that she is erally old anyway, hahas.. she's just turned 2 last month. i'm trying to make those patches darker!

Unknown said...

Patchesssss! Is that really you??